My pregnancy

In the movies and on TV you see pregnancy as an amazing time in your life and that the women are glowing and radiant and look like they are having the time of their lives. Let me assure you I was NOT one of these women. I suffered from chronic morning sickness and while most people are lucky enough to have that nausea feeling pass after the first trimester I in fact continued to suffer from the nausea and constant vomiting up until 30 weeks into my pregnancy….geez wasn’t my partner lucky!! I think I enjoyed about 2 or 3 weeks of my pregnancy where I was able to revel in the joy of what my body was doing in creating another human being that was a creation of the love that my partner and I share. Well at about 33 weeks that joy stopped when I hit “I’m over it, get this bloody thing out of me” stage. My baby was crushing my lungs, which made it a joyous experience to move anymore than about 5 metres and with a big baby and low fluid I also had a severe pelvis pain. At my 36 week growth scan it was estimated that my baby boy was already 3.56kg and given my low fluid and my discomfort I was booked in for induction at 37w1d into my pregnancy. Presenting myself at the hospital with my little bag on 18 December 2011 realistically having no idea what to expect given it was my first child. However, I was so excited to be heading into this new unknown world and finishing the stage which made me look and feel like the GoodYear blimp!


6 thoughts on “My pregnancy

  1. Yuk to the morning sickness, i got.lucky i was sick 6-14weeks and only throw up once. I wouldnt wish the feeling on anyone.
    Wow what a big baby. Good for you the doctors were on your side about giving you an induction.

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