My Birthing Story – Welcome to the World Beautiful Baby Lachlan

I had my first lot of gels on the Sunday night I was admitted and had a reasonably decent slept on the brick hard delivery bed and then had a second lot of gels on the Monday morning at about 6am when I was approximately 2cm dilated. Contractions were sitting at about 20 minutes apart and I was thinking what is everyone talking about this isn’t that bad or that horrible.
At about 11am on the morning on Monday 18 December 2011 my waters broke (and while I was expecting a waterfall to gush between my legs again like in the movies) it’s not what happened, given my low fluid it was kind of just a wee. Well that is when contractions decided to go stupid, from the moment my waters broke contractions went from about 20 minutes apart less than 5 minutes apart and the intensity of them increase by about seven hundred percent. This is when I started using the gas….lets just say the gas made me VERY loopy and apparently according my partner slightly hilarious at the same time, After 3 hours of contractions I had only moved to about 6cm dilation much to my disappointment, so I called in for the epidural, I wanted the “drug man”. Once the Anaesthetist arrived much to my disgust it was a female who I demanded leave because I wanted the “drug man” not her (lol did I mention I was loopy on gas) anyway I made friends with her and she gave me the epidural. The epidural started to kick in and my pain started to mellow. At this stage they told my partner I would probably try to have a bit of a sleep so now was his change to make some phone calls, get something to eat or drink etc. Well within 10 minutes of him leaving the room my mellow state had turned into chronically bad contractions and an intense desire for me to start pushing. At this stage I was about 6.5cm and clearly this wasn’t going to happen yet!! My heart rate sky rocketed through the roof and the baby’s plummeted and before you know it alarms were going on people were rushing in and out of my delivery room and I was being told that it was time for an emergency c-section because of the babies low heart rate. My partner was being paged throughout the hospital to immediately return to delivery suites, however because he was outside on the phone (ringing the grandies) he didn’t hear the page. After one very abrupt phone call from me he came hot footing it down the hallway as I was being wheeled down the corridor heading towards the theatre. My partner had a pair of scrubs launched at him and before I knew it he was right there by my side as I was being wheeled off to the unknown. I don’t remember much at this point except my crying and just repeating over and over again how I was really scared.

Once we were in the theatre and I was on the operating bed it suddenly went from about 2 staff to 20 before I knew it and there was a sheet up my nose so I couldn’t see what was happening down at the business end, my partner was there the whole time holding my hand and wiping my tears away and reassuring me it was going to be fine and I was in the best possible care. After feeling like Gumby (or a hunk of plasticine being moulded) while they did the C-section at 3.02pm a little baby boy was held up over the sheet with everything dangling downward. Bless my partner at this stage he announces to the entire theatre “shit look how big his balls are” to which everyone had a little chuckle…clearly he missed the memo about all the swelling J

I know a lot of people who feel disempowered or like a failure not having a natural birth and having to have a C-section. I can honestly say I was not one of these people! My birth plans from word go was simple
“Healthy baby and healthy mum, whatever it takes it’s coming out”
So having this mentality I was not disappointed, because I had a beautiful little baby in my arms! The one thing I was disappointed about by having a C-section was that I was sooooo looking forward to seeing the look on my partners face for the first time he held that beautiful little bundle of love we created in his arms and I didn’t get to see this. However one of the midwives captured of photo of the moment so I have to settle for that being better than nothing – and it’s really is a photo to treasure!

born 2

Because he was a little slow to respond with his breathing he was taken to the Special Care Unit straight away for monitoring and I was taken through to recovery. It wasn’t until about 9pm that night that I was wheeled down to the SCU that I really got to hold and cuddle my baby for the first time, and from that moment on I knew that I had found the piece of me what I never knew was missing and that this little miracle in my arms was going to consume a massive piece of my heart and that I would do anything to protect and care for him. I feel content and complete now he was here.

born 1


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