The conception (no oversharing included lol)

Anyway so here is my story to date…

So I guess I should start my pregnancy journey at the beginning and while you would think that this starts the moment you get the positive home pregnancy test result for me it did not start this way, my story starts over 10 years ago.

Back in 2003 I was having chronic dilapidating pain with my period and despite being 22 they were still not nearly regular (even on the pill) so after many appointments I ended up being referred to ReproMed in Adelaide to see one of the Senior Gynaecologist there. The end result of this was my being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – at this appointment I was told that I would have a 95% chance of never falling pregnant naturally and that when I was ready to have children that I would more than likely require medical assistance to conceive. Whilst I was not even close to be ready to having children (in fact I was living a single party girl life style at that time) I can honestly say that I was devastated. I went through ever emotion possible – anger, disappointment, blame, guilt, grief etc. I felt humiliated that I couldn’t naturally do what women were created to do, being to get pregnant and to nurture that child for 9 special months before bringing into the world to be a mum. I felt disappointed and a failure to myself that I would potentially never achieve that one life ambition….to be a mum! Anyway, it took me a while to accept it was what it was and to look at the positives and move forward and to cross the “having a family” bridge when I came to that point in my life.

Fast forward the clocks now to 2010, after living the past 7 years as a single party girl (in on and off relationship throughout that period) I guess you could say kissing a few frog, I met this young man who was nothing at all who I thought that I would end up with as a life partner. After “dating” for a few months I started to realise there was something special about this guy and I guess you could say we knew we were right for each other and that we had found our soul mates in each other and fell madly in love.

Only 6 months into our relationship we went on our first holiday as a couple – we did a road trip through the South East Region on SA….well needless to say not only did we come back relax, seen a lot of amazing things and some of the most spectacular scenery, about 6 weeks later we also found out we came back PREGNANT. Needless to say this came as a ridiculously huge surprise to me given my medical history of PCOS and the fact that I was on the oral contraceptive pill. After the initial shock of this positive test results from both my partner and I, we were elated with the news!!


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