Heading home to start our new family life together


We were finally heading home on Christmas Eve 2011. I was so excited to be going home and not having to spend Christmas day in hospital.  Once all the paperwork and final checks were completed we were finally discharged from the hospital at 3.30pm.
Well let me just say it was a mad mad rush home, given that it was Christmas eve and I was expecting to be breast feeding on the way home from hospital before the shops shut at 5pm for Christmas and having to deal with the Christmas mayhem I had to find a place to buy bottles and formula from – luckily my sister let me borrow her breast pump and steriliser so that was 2 less things that I needed to worry about.
Regardless of all the stress and drama my gorgeous little man adapted so well to his new car seat in daddy’s car 

Car ride home

And then he slept the whole way home and then transferred to his bassinet where he just kept on sleeping!


And the next day we enjoyed our first Christmas as a family

first xmas


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