HOORAY….Happy First Birthday

So we made it!! It was time to celebrate the journey that we had been through for the last 12 months and celebrate the 1st birthday of our gorgeous brave and cheeky little man. 

It was party time!! We wanted to celebrate making it through the first year as new parent and celebrate and be grateful for all the joy Lachlan has brought us over the last 12 months.  Me being me when completely over the top and spent months planning and organising the party – I’m a born party planner and love nothing more than organising a great catch up for friends and family with some good food and drink. It was going to be a Giggle and Hoot extravaganza for my little Hoot-addict.

The day came around and needless to say I was not so excited. I had a mountain of things to do to get everything ready and I was exhausted as Lachlan’s reflux had flared up again very severely. 

Over the previous week he had taken to reducing his vomits during the day and instead  started chronically vomit while he was in his cot….and when I say vomit I mean drench his entire cot from one end to the other in vomit multiple times during the night – which resulted in entire bedding changes right down to the mattress protector having to bath Lachlan and then re-dress, re-settle him, put him back into bed (or course after I had remade it all) and then reset up his NGT to start feeding again once he had settled.  The worse night was the night before his party I had to go through this process 5 times in 1 night and that night I ended up having to use a single bed sheet as I had used every bit of cot linen that I owned.  This was not ideal, I was exhausted especially since I was back at work also and funnily enough I couldn’t have an afternoon nap at work like I could at home lol.

Did I mention how exhausting reflux is and how much washing it creates!!

Anyway, I put my exhaustion aside and powered through as my little man, who was cranky as a grizzly bear being woken up in winter on the day, deserved to have a special first birthday party. 



I was upset that he still had to have the NGT in for his party initially but then I realised that at least it is an accurate depiction of the first 12 months of his life – this is who my little man is, reflux, NGT and all.

I have always loved the idea of a Smash Cake photo shoot and always wanted to get one done for Lachlan, well with us not having that sort of cash floating around for something so trivial and having a lot of cake left over I decided why not at the end of his party let him go to town on one of the cakes and have my own little smash cake photo shoot.  So I sat him on one of the plastic table clothes and drapped it over a turned over trestle table and had the rest of the plastic table cloth up as a “background”.  This is the outcome of our home smash cake shoot at his birthday party.


It was such a lovely day, despite the grumpy baby, severe exhaustion and it was great to be surrounding by friends and family to celebrate the first joyous 12 months with our little miracle!

I can guarantee his 2nd birthday party will be nowhere near as big as this event!!!


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