A Super Tired Toddler

Well I didn’t want to write any posts out of sequence but something that has just happened tonight that is too crazy, abnormal and cute that I had to share!! And I will go back to catch up next post.

At 6.50 tonight, 10 minutes before bed time I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and Lachlan when charging off from the lounge down the hallway (which the only open room was his bedroom) and then it went quiet…as most people with toddlers know that quiet usually equals mischief or trouble!
I went to investigate and found Lachlan climbing into his toddler bed – then he sat up and was trying to pull his blankets up…lol what the!?!?!? I have never heard of a 17mo putting himself to bed and tucking himself in…..
I then put him in his sleeping bag and tucked him in properly and said good night.

I went to check on him about 5 minutes after and he was fast asleep and I don’t think he had even moved an eyelash!
What a little champion!!



12 thoughts on “A Super Tired Toddler

    • Wish I knew the trick!! After he put himself to bed he even slept for 13 1/2 hours straight.
      He has taken to his toddler bed like a duck to water. Last night he did a similar thing. Jamie went in to get him some socks and he followed him in and jumped into bed again but that was half hour too early and he hasn’t had any milk yet so had to get him up again. He just loves his little bed!

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