2013 – The Reflux and Development Journey Continues

2013 started very well for us Lachlan’s weight was continuing on a healthy upwards trend, his eating was improving to eat more variety and a more balanced diet and most of his mood was vastly improving! We were definitely getting out happy cheeky boy back!

Developmentally he was travelling also very well, we had advanced from our crazy commando slug sliding to real crawling and of course he doesn’t do things by halves he crawls at lightening speed!! A bit like crawling he was also cruising along furniture at lightening speed – he could easily get up and walk any day now he just needed the confidence to do it, and don’t even start me on the climbing, he is a little climbing monkey!! He was goo’ing and gah’ing that turned into constant babble…. When this boy starts talking he’s not going to stop talking lol.

Vomiting wise sadly we were still showing no signs of improvement and still vomiting 20-30 times a day…damn you reflux will you NEVER go away!

So off we went to our next Paeds Gastro appointment….not knowing what to expect given he was just shy of 14 months and still excessively vomiting, would we have to have the nasal gastric tube again? Of once again off we went to WCH, at this stage I feel like we deserve a frequent flyers car park. The once again normal appointment routine – weigh in, check with dietician on his diet and then see the consultant.

The consultant is over the moon with his weight gain, his developmental improvements and his huge improvement in his demeanour. However we did get given some not so good news…because of the rate at which he was still vomiting and now the ‘delightful’ development of regurgitating we were advised that it was looking like we were heading towards reflux surgery /reflux banding. Given that he is gaining weight and we were doing well with managing things with his diet they wanted to wait until he had passed 18 months to give him a few more months to outgrow it and should we have to head down the surgery pathway he was a but older and stronger to cope with the surgery. So we were rescheduled to come back and see the consultant again in early July 2013 for his nect review. As always he was to remain under our constant supervision and should his weight start going backwards again then back to emergency we come again.

Hmmppfftttt not more surgery!! Hasn’t my gorgeous little monkey has already been through enough in his short life time. Not guaranteed to have to have surgery but at least between now and July I can prepare myself that this may well occur.












7 thoughts on “2013 – The Reflux and Development Journey Continues

  1. Love the cloth diaper shot – My son has the same nappy πŸ™‚ I love a chunky fluffy bum.
    It’s good in away the doctors are willing to hold out on the surgery. It’s a shame he and yourself are suffering so much still with the vomit 😦 Poor guy must have a constant sore throat.
    Can I ask.. Do you know when he’s going to vomit does he show signs? Do you manage to catch it or its a case of anytime anywhere.. And it goes everywhere? .

    • He doesn’t seem to suffer too many side effects as he’s not grizzly and doesn’t seem to be in discomfort – but maybe that’s because it’s all he’s ever known. You could always tell when it was coming as he would ‘gurgle’ before hand….we would always try to catch but it all just happened to quickly and 95% of the time, the couch – carpet – or I would wear it! Our lounge room is beyond trashed with vomit stains everywhere… 😦
      Ps – ask anything you like, I don’t have a problem sharing my experiences or I wouldn’t have started my blog πŸ™‚

    • And that cloth nappy photo makes me laugh which is why I shared….he does this downward dog all the time….even now he pushes around his little cars upside down lol

    • He’s finally starting to our grow the vomiting side of things but not the regurgitation – should be up to date over the next 3 or 4 posts….it’s been a big job catching up on 17 months of events. And I agree he’s a cutie but I’m incredibly bias πŸ˜‰

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