And We Are Up And Away – Welcome to Toddler Town

So the day I thought would never arrive is finally here…in March 2013 (15 mo) Lachlan started to get really brave and started venturing un supported steps. Call me an awful mum but watching those early few days in walking is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. The elation on pride on his face as he takes those initial steps and then 3 or 4 only steps in BANG face plant! With the amount of falls this little climber takes I’m just grateful that he has learnt to put his arms out to protect his gorgeous little face from the fall.

Gradually over the next week he finally had a bit more coordination with his skinny spaghetti legs and I could officially call him a walker….welcome to toddler town mum ready or not! Watching Lachlan get more and more stable with his walking was a bit like watching his daddy when we first met going through the sobering up process after a big night out with the boys.
We went from blind drunk taking a couples steps then stacking it
Just drunk to taking a few more steps then launching onto a solid object to keep yourself propped up.
Then to just a bit tipsy where we were walking ok but occasionally get a bit of a stagger happening and to recover you just launch yourself into walking a different direction….ahhh the drunken stagger – now that’s a blast from the past lol

After about a fortnight of going through the ‘sobering up’ process Lachlan was a pro at this walking business that we decided to upgrade to RUNNING!! So we are up up and anyway running everywhere with his bendy little rubber spaghetti legs and his giant flipper feet going every which way lol with the stacks to a bare minimum.

Two revelations have happened now we are on the go
1- I thought I had toddler proofed the house, man was I seriously wrong and
2 – HOORAYYYYYY throughout the sobering up process and as he became more upright Lachlan’s vomiting was reducing down to about 3-5 times a day as opposed to 20ish.

A side note from today now he’s been upright and walking for a few months I’m absolutely delighted to say that his reflux vomiting has basically stopped completely. We have maybe 1 vomit a week which is excellent, however I’m not getting too far ahead of myself for his next specialist review in July as I’m well aware he still reflux coughs (yup it sounds different to a normal cough to a trained ear) and regurgitates quite a lot.

It’s amazing how quickly they grow up once they are upright. I officially have a gorgeous happy little toddler who loves nothing better than charging around wherever we are like he owns the place….my gorgeous little man, love him to bits!!







15 thoughts on “And We Are Up And Away – Welcome to Toddler Town

  1. Adorable! My daughter is almost a year and we don’t seem too close to the walking game yet. I’m sure we will be re-assessing how “proofed” the house is when she does though. 🙂

    • Since he’s started walking he has become a whirlwind of mass destruction! Lucky he is so darn cute 😉
      Lachlan was the last out of our mum’s group to walk at close to 15months. She will get up and go when she’s ready 🙂

  2. I love this post!! And I love the “newly walking” phase. I’m convinced that’s why kids don’t potty train that early. They need the pampers padding to fall on. 🙂

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