The Household Photographers Curse

So today I was doing a mass clean up on the almost 2000 photos I have I on my iPhone….and yes I do mean two thousand not two hundred. And three things became blatantly clear to me
1/ I have an obsession with taking photos of my gorgeous little man

2/ he looks like the same perfect little porcelain doll in ever sleeping photo but I still have soooo many of them

3/ and I am crazy jealous of Jamie! Because I’m the one who takes ALL (and I mean all) of the photos there are a huge number of cute as photos of Jamie and Lachlan bonding and playing together but not very many of Lachlan and I (unless they are selfies where half of either or both of our heads are cut off) so I’m jealous that there are so many special moments of my boys together but so few that include me too.

Oh well they are both better looking than me anyway so they make for better looking photos.

Here a few from the daddy and Lachlan collection……..




















Multi-tasking super mum

I have discovered a multi-tasking way to play and get one mundane chore done at the same time!
Put my swing obsessed toddler in the swing set (which is right near the clothes line) and push him high and fast, as that’s what my little fearless wonder likes. And let him swing down til he screams ‘up’ for more – in that time lag you’ve got a bracket to hang out about 4 or 5 pieces if clothing!

Feeling like a multi tasking super mum as I’ve just hung out 3 loads of washing while managing to play at the same time….three cheers for me… HIP HIP HOORAY!!!



July challenge

This July I’m going to set myself a challenge of a photo a day. I’ve got a preset list of topics for each day that I will be following. And I’m going to try my hardest not to feature Lachlan everyday 🙂
Anyone want to join me in #photoadayjuly ?

Here is the topic list I’m going to he following



My 2.30am Nightly Mini Adventure

I remember a time, realistically over 2 years ago when I would go to bed at whatever time and sleep through until my alarm went off without even barely moving….ahhhh what a fond fond memory that is!!!

These days, 2.30am (nearly like clockwork every morning) is wake up time being SOOOO busting for the loo I’m terrified I’m going to explode. Post-baby my bladder has never recovered despite doing all the pelvic floors and all that business, post-baby when you got to pee – you got to pee NOW!!

So at my 2.30am interlude, I do the mild frantic dash to the bathroom predominately in the dark an without my glasses to get there.
Along the way it’s like an unusual toddler obstacle course…..sliding along plastic plates on the floor like a skateboard without wheels, stubbing your toe of that bloody ‘vroom vroom’ car that continues to get under your feet, dodging the random pieces of toilet paper on the floor (as unravelling toilet paper is one of squirts current massive amusements) so they don’t get stuck on my feet and lastly walk about 47km around the gigantic pile of washing that is patiently waiting for me to find some spare time to do it! Hooray I finally make it to the loo in time – talk about relief!!


Made my way back to bed and hello middle of the night insomnia – my old ‘friend’ I appreciate that you visited me during pregnancy to prepare me for life with a newborn. However, body my darling little boy is now 18 months and sleeps 12-13 hours a night without a peep so I no longer need this middle of the night bout of insomnia.
So as I sit in bed pissed off that once again I’m wide awake.
Listening to the heavy breathing and farting of my other half.
Listening to the nursery rhymes coming through the baby monitor.
Sit on my iPhone and have all my outstanding turns on my addiction games, run out of lives of candy crush saga and yup still wide awake!
Check out my emails and my WordPress reader to see what the people I follow are up to and yup still wide awake!
Resorting myself to lay down and watch whatever crappy episode of Star Trek is on TV (despite the fact that I hate the show its the only channel we get in our bedroom) I will hopefully drop off to sleep anywhere between 30-60 minutes. If its a shitty night I will even see the end of Star Trek and see the start of Charmed (like tonight!)
On the occasional night I’m still awake at the end of charmed and resort to a cuppa tea and toast – let’s hope I’m not heading that way tonight as Charmed has just started!

Oh to remember life pre-baby when night time was for sleeping and not these little middle of the night adventures!

On the plus side it means I get to peak at my little one sleeping which always melts my heart and makes the exhaustion worth it!