The House of Snot

Well sadly I still haven’t had the chance to play catch up yet as the house has been struck down with a big fat load is sickness!!

A fortnight ago I woke up with a ‘full’ head and thought to myself sarcastically “you bloody ripper my first head cold of winter” so had a day off work to sleep it off before I turned into anything severe, any mum (especially one of a super busy toddler) will tell you they don’t have time to get sick.

The next morning all hell broke loose and the house was officially a resident of snots-ville!! Lachlan had also woken up with the same cold AND also Jamie had woken up with dreaded man flu! Needless to say as I mum any crapola feelings I had we’re pushed to the side as I went into flight mode looking after my 2 sick boys.

Couple days later the baby man flu sufferer was not doing well at all. So off we went to the doctor to get him checked out…it was one of the most gut wrenching I’m a failure of a mother moments I’ve ever felt when the doctor looked into his ears and gasped at how severe the infection was in both ears! I could have instantly burst into tears due to an epic mummy-fail for letting my little monkey pants get so sick!! The doctor then proceeded to tell me that by his behavior she too thought he only had a cold – because of all his has been through with this fingers surgery and all the reflux ‘adventures’ he has an incredibly high tolerance to pain and discomfort and ear infections are one of the hardest to detect….phewww maybe I’m not such a tragic right off as a mum after all!! I just have a little super strong rock star who doesn’t show how crap he is actually feeling. Antibiotics prescribed and infection under control.
Lessons learned:
1 – the little man has a crazy high pain tolerance, which I need to be aware of in the future
2 – ear infections are hard to detect so don’t beat yourself up if you miss it

So the little man is sorted and on the road to recovery for me to actually stop and realize that I actually myself am still really bloody sick and in fact both look and feel like I’ve been hit not only by a bus – I’d go as far as saying I’d been hit by a convoy of buses!!
Back to the doctors for but this time for me. Diagnosis in – I’ve got the trifecta infection!! How bloody lucky am I to get a chest, ears AND throat infection, 3 cheers for infections….NOT! And on top of that the doctor suspects that I have fractured a rib from all the deep, violent and severe coughing, now that is one damn shitty cherry on top as far as I’m concerned! 4 days of strict bed rest – with a toddler baahahaha what a joke!! Jamie organized for a few days carers leave off work and has been excellent doing everything around the house for Lachlan and I. I’m finally on the road to recovery thank god as I feel and look like a complete trash bag!!
Lessons Learned:
3 – when you are sick don’t ignore it, let yourself heal or you will end up really sick
4 – Being sick is a seriously depressing way to spend your 32nd birthday! I didn’t want any kind of party for my birthday including the party of uninvited guests in my immune system!!

Me & the squirt on my bday (both looking a bit sick)



4 thoughts on “The House of Snot

  1. You poor thing. There is nothing worse than being sick while also having a sick household as you really don’t get the time to recover putting all your energy into caring for everyone else (especially any kids). I hope you are feeling better again soon!

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