Parenting Sin!!

I always said that I was NEVER going to be one of those parents that dressed their kids up for their own pleasure. Wellllllll I have broken this rule multiple times as we have gone to friends weddings since Lachlan was born and I’ve made us a lame little matching family with our outfits….shame on me!!!

Shame on me once (April 2012 – Lachlan is 5 months old)

Shame on me twice (March 2013 – Lachlan is 15 months)

Shame on me three times (April 2013 – Lachlan is 16 months)
This photo is potentially one of my favourite photos ever of the squirt, no not a professional photo just me happy snapping with my iPhone so thought I’d share since it was taken at the wedding


So there you have it – there is my confession! I have committed a parenting sin that I NEVER thought I would commit, dressing my child for my own vanity and show and tell efforts!

Here is another confession for you, I would do it again in a heartbeat because I think we make one damn cute lame little matching family! My boys are my pride and joy, the loves of my life so I’m going to show them off as much as I can ❤


2 thoughts on “Parenting Sin!!

    • He was daddy’s mini me with both of their ties being an exact dress collar match lol this involved some shopping genius from me 🙂
      Thanks I think we look pretty match-erific too

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