The toddler bed transition – a tired baby can sleep anywhere!

At just over 15 months old I went it to get squirt out of his cot after his nap and much to my complete shock and terror I found him half way out of his cot straddling the rail on the verge of either rolling back into his cot or the awful thought of him rolling completely out of his cot landing on the floor. My crazy little climber had managed to out do himself once again…. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to move as quickly as I do when I saw him on brink of landing on the floor sending us yet again to the hospital! My emotions were running on high, not sure I was emotionally ready for my baby to move into his big boy bed but I wasn’t really left with any other option.

That night was the last night in his cot and the transition to his big boy toddler bed was to start tomorrow.


I had previously received some invaluable advice from one of the ladies at baby bunting. She told me don’t use clean linen – transfer the dirty linen from the cot onto his toddler bed so that it had familiar ‘Lachlan’ smells and move the cot out of the way and put the toddler bed in the exact same location as where the cot was. She also said not to force the issue and keep putting him back into bed as this will over stimulate him, just continue with his normal routine of how I put him to bed and let him fall asleep anywhere (as he’s a self settler) and then move him into bed.

Alright, cot given the flick, toddler bed in that exact spot, taken all the linen off the cot and put onto the toddler bed and physically we were ready to go. Emotionally not so much…. My BABY is going to a big boy bed, I’m not ready to accept he’s not a baby anymore but at the end of the day I have no choice as for the squirts safety he can’t be in the cot anymore!

Day time nap…. Put him into bed, followed the same routine – put his music on, put him in his sleeping bag, tucked him in and gave him a kiss. Turned the light off as I told him I loved him shut the door and walked out….so apprehensive about what disaster this was going to be. Throughout the monitor I could tell within 15 minutes he was asleep so I went into his room to investigate, this is what I found


We had taken our blanket, wandered around in the dark and well just fell asleep where he was tired. I gently picked him up off the floor and put him in his bed where he was supposed to be.


2 hours later he woke up where he was supposed to be – still in bed! It was a miracle a partial success! So comes to bed time that night so I got brave, despite my concerns, and tried the bed again for his big overnight sleep. Followed the same normal bedtime routine and then waited for some mysterious noises to come through the monitor. Once again it was quiet within 10 minutes so time to investigate again.


Well we got closer to the bed this time at least. Once again I picked up Lachlan and returned him to his bed where he was supposed to be.


We did wake up a bit and have a look around…I’ve dubbed this look “the turtle” lol but he settled back down and once again to my surprise he slept for almost 13 hours without stirring thoughout the whole night and woke up the next morning happy in his little bed…HOORAY!! Second win ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 2 –
Morning nap, within 15 minutes he was fast asleep IN HIS BED, what a miracle
Night sleep, within 10 minutes he was once again fast asleep IN HIS BED!! What a quick little learner I have!

To this day (3 months on he’s only fallen asleep one other time on the floor but the rest of the times he’s always fallen asleep in his bed)

It’s actually quiet hilarious listening to the process of him going to sleep, you can hear through the monitor him sneaking out of his bed in the dark and playing around with blocks and the cheeky little boy is so clever to put himself back to bed when he is tired…..sometimes he must misjudge it a little bit and he doesn’t quite make it there, but I still think its a pretty good effort (not to mention damn cute).


So all in all the transition is well complete and has been a huge success! I’m not sure if it is the tips I got from the lady at baby bunting that helped me or if the squirt was just ready within himself for his big boy bed. He’s so cute with his little bed, he just loves his snugly little bed, rolling around playing in it even putting himself to bed on occasion when tired A Super Tired Toddler

Regardless of which bed he is asleep in there is one thing without a doubt….and that’s simple as this!!
When he is asleep he is completion perfection and melts my heart beyond belief and I fall in love with him a little bit more!



6 thoughts on “The toddler bed transition – a tired baby can sleep anywhere!

    • Hope the tips help others…they certainly were spot on for Lachlan’s personality!! Sleeping children are perfection it’s crazy how many photos I have of the squirt sleeping!

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