The Big Chop – First Ever Haircut

So the time finally reached us that after months of looking at constantly bed hair, bum fluff, disheveled look we had been sporting I finally admitted at 16 months it was time for Lachlan’s first haircut. Why was I so emotional about this? It’s just some hair and it grows back, what’s the big deal? I was actually a bit of a mess come haircut day. I was a weird mixture of emotions…I was apprehensive about how I was going to get him to sit still for long enough, I was nervous about him wriggling at the wrong him and the barber nipping his ears with the scissors. Horrified at the thought that my baby was old enough to need a first haircut and I was devastated to know that his lovely locks he has been desperately trying to grow since the day he was born were about to be chopped off!!
Pull yourself together holly!! It’s just a bloody haircut!

The before shots



So off we went, with the iPad and a serious snack stash in tow to entice him to sit still!
The during shots



What a little rock star he was. Sat there in the chair watching his favorite show of Yo gabba gabba on the iPad he didn’t move at all, all ears were still in one piece and I even got a $5 discount for him being such a good little boy!

Having a well deserved treat on the way home!


So we were home – I had debriefed not as traumatic as expected and OH MY GOD!! My gorgeous little baby with a few snips here and a few snips there instantly became a toddler, love him!!



10 thoughts on “The Big Chop – First Ever Haircut

    • Wow you’re very clever and brave doing it yourself!! I’m sure there would scissor to ear damage if I did it!! I wanted to keep his hair from his first haircut but sadly they didn’t sweep between the old man before him and the squirt so I missed out as I didn’t want any old man hair lol

  1. Thanks mummy for the haircut. I look so handsome now :)))
    I had the same feeling like you when I thought about first haircut for my daughter. It was annoyed when the hair came to her eyes all the time. But I was so worry and scary. I decided not to cut and let it grows long until now (luckily she is a girl) :)))

    • Nice to know I’m not the only scaredy cat with the haircut factor hehe
      I hope I have a little girl too one day 🙂 then I’d be happy as can be – have my perfect little boy just need a perfect little girl to go with it

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