Multi-tasking super mum

I have discovered a multi-tasking way to play and get one mundane chore done at the same time!
Put my swing obsessed toddler in the swing set (which is right near the clothes line) and push him high and fast, as that’s what my little fearless wonder likes. And let him swing down til he screams ‘up’ for more – in that time lag you’ve got a bracket to hang out about 4 or 5 pieces if clothing!

Feeling like a multi tasking super mum as I’ve just hung out 3 loads of washing while managing to play at the same time….three cheers for me… HIP HIP HOORAY!!!



2 thoughts on “Multi-tasking super mum

    • Also great containing tools 🙂 the last time I tried squirt in his carrier I ended up in bruises from his crazy little legs kicking that just wanted to go go go. In the warmer dry weather I’m happy for him to roam around the yard but its too cold n damn for that at the moment

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