You say nervous, I say shitting bricks

So since I’m pretty much up to day with the major events in my parenting journey so far (despite the Easter emergency department trip which ill get to one day) I can now start my posts in real time.
The title of this blog pretty much says it all…I’m officially freaking out, shit scared whatever you want to call it….tomorrow is D-day!!
We have our long awaited follow up appointment with the paediatric gastroenterologist in regards to Lachlan’s reflux condition. Why I’m so nervous is because last appointment we were heading towards him needing reflux banding surgery. He’s already had one surgery in his short time I’m not sure if mum can handle the stress of another surgery!!

While I will gladly have 2 success stories to report in that his vomiting has reduced to nearly nothing (maybe 1 or 2 times a week) and we finally have a stabilized weight which deserves a massive HOORAY!!
However, he is still regurgitating a lot, and he still has that really deep nasty reflux cough particularly at night time which are both not cool!
I always want to get his development checked out as I feel he is a little behind with his speech and with swallowing which I guess can all be out down to the muscles being under high stress from the months and months of excessive vomiting in a duration that should have been a high development period.
Oh well, no point trying to guess what the outcome will be. I just gotta put on my big girl knickers suck it up and just wait and see what they say tomorrow!!
Owwww it’s gonna be a nervous wait!


One thought on “You say nervous, I say shitting bricks

  1. Awwww everything will be ok. You know, even if he does need surgery it is highly likely that he will be 100% fine. So either way, you win. Yes one path is more stressful but in the end it is still a win as you will have a happy healthy little boy. 🙂

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