Photo a Day July, 9 July – Big2

Photo a Day July
9 July

BIG (another sneaky one)

This second big we have demonstrates the wardrobe issues we are having daily as a result of having a tall skinny toddler! Size 0 pants are miles too short in length however because we are so skinny this is what happens to size 1 pants because they are too BIG!



3 thoughts on “Photo a Day July, 9 July – Big2

    • Yeah I have lots of those and track pants with draw strings which solves the problem until they are all wet on the line (thanks to all the rain) or dirty have to resort to the wardrobe malfunction pairs…glad I’m not alone!! The stupid thing is he is in size 2 tops for the length but still easily fits into 00 pants around the waist lol they just are crazy short

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