Home Birth versus Hospital Birth

So this video was aired tonight on a current affairs project
Video link to home birth v hospital birth story
While normally I wouldn’t make a posting as controversial as this as on the outset I would like to say I’m a very pro-choice individual and believe that people have the right to choose how they live their lives and raise their children…..but something about this story has ignited a fire in me where I feel like I need my opinion stated.

I believe that some of the statements in the story are true on both sides….firstly the pro home birth side that a woman has the right to choose her own birthing journey and again then on the pro hospital birth side that a child’s rights should also be considered. However things on the pro home birth side made my blood boil, particularly that the decision is purely the mothers choice as its her journey! What a complete load of cods wallop!!! A baby is made by two people and when those 2 people make a decision together to raise this child then the birthing decision should also be made by BOTH of those two people. Yes granted, a female is the one who endures the physical pain and torment of pregnancy and birth but they also get to experience the wonders that a male doesn’t get to experience like those early flutters in your tummy, those precious kicks and punches that come from within so my point is females don’t only experience the negative throughout it all. But back to my point about it being purely the females decision – what an utter load of crap….if a child has been created in love and in to be raised in the same loving environment of these 2 people then as far as I’m concerned all decisions should be equally made between both parties, why should the fathers opinion be discounted because he’s not doing the physical screaming and pushing because at the end of the day that precious baby would not exist without the fathers involvement.

Now back to the original question of home birth v hospital birth? My opinion is you do what is best for your child….that is the simple answer!

Evidence based research shows a higher risk of newborn mortality for those who opt for a home birth when having a high risk pregnancy, so should you have a high risk pregnancy; multiple births, placenta concerns, gestational diabetes, breech or posterior babies etc why would you risk something to go wrong for the mothers own personal preference? Wouldn’t the overall mothers personal preference to have a living baby instead of living with a lifetime of regret and remorse that if conventional birthing with complete medical guidance was chosen its highly likely that the outcomes would have been different.

As a mother I can honestly say that…
There is nothing more important to me than Lachlan.
There is nothing more important to me than protecting him from harm.
There is nothing more important to me than putting him and his needs before any of my own needs and preferences!
So given that this is the primary drive of a mother’s love I can not understand why the selfish choice is made to fulfil a personal gratification choice of having a home birth in a high risk pregnancy! I myself had to have an emergency c-section and had of I not been in the hospital surrounded by the medical and nursing team that I was under constant watch and had the aids of all modern technology of monitors etc I highly likely would have been a statistic myself and left hospital without the most precious gift I’ve ever received.

Don’t get me wrong – i acknowledge that woman have been having babies out of hospitals for centuries with babies that I have survived and some mothers does their research and believe that they are making the right decision and that is their right to do so

….but my personal opinion why why why would not uses the advances in modern medicine and modern technology to ensure that both yourself and most importantly your baby is delivered to the world as safely as possible. My life without Lachlan would be no life that I want to even imagine.


9 thoughts on “Home Birth versus Hospital Birth

  1. I have no issue with home birthing. Isn’t for me but I have no issue with it. Provided that all parties involved have their bloody heads screwed on properly and are willing to acknowledge that sometimes it gets to a point where medical support is required. I didn’t see the program you mentioned but I did happen to read this blog last night (http://afamilyfromscratch.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/my-birth-story/) of a homebirth story where this didn’t happen. The poor mother, after labouring for hours on end, was the one that had to have the presence of mind to say something isn’t right here and that is not cool. The midwife lied to her about her experience and then was downright awful to her when she chose to go to the hospital. This shit shouldn’t happen. And that’s what gets me crazy about some alternative methods. We do a lot of alternative medicines etc here (we live in hippy heartland after all) but I’m the first one to go to a Dr if I think that’s required. I’m not putting my health or my child’s health at risk.

    • I’m with you – totally pro-choice but its never a decision I could live with! I work for the government health department and see some astonishing information past my desk that makes me question why you would even risk your child in that situation. I’m definitely a pro medical intervention, it’s a heavily regulated industry with constant requirements to modernize education why would you not go with evidence based documented research and findings within medicine as opposed to the unregulated industries of alternative medicine that are driven by google searches….just my thoughts anyway 🙂

      • Yeah look I think there def are Dr’s out there that a prob a bit too happy with the knife and the intervention. I don’t disagree with that. But in those cases you just need to make sure you have an advocate and to really understand your options. My next baby I will probably have a doula at my hospital birth for just that reason.

      • See that’s a sensible decision…the best of both worlds – a doula (or even your own midwife) for your protection but still having medical support and intervention available if necessary! For my situation there definitely was no unnecessary intervention – my heart rate when through the roof while Lachlan plummeted to dangerously low – he had to get out and get out now to save him and since I was only 6.5cm dilated he wasn’t coming out that way

      • lol exactly! I had an emergency ceaser too in the end but under a general so I wasn’t awake when my son was born 😦 . Still I got a healthy kid out of it and don’t feel bad that that’s how it turned out. I have one hell of a birth story (although I think that home birthing one beats me hands down) so I must write about it one of these days.

      • Look forward to reading it 🙂
        My birthing story wasn’t that exciting – the recovery however well that an entirely different story that’s action filled lol

  2. I am with you. I definitely choose hospital birth for a safe arrival of my kid. Nothing is worse than you have to race to hospital for an emergency. I’ve never thought people still give birth at home nowadays. 30 years ago I was born at home but it was in a country where the war just finished and the hospital”s condition was not better than at home. But another reason my dad told me is he was worried that I could be swapped.

  3. I was unaware that home births were an option for anything other than a normal, healthy, low-risk pregnancy :/

    Some people just distrust doctors and hospitals, which I suppose is understandable if their perception is coloured by previous bad experience. But thinking I know better than the scientific consensus just because I’ve been google-happy … that’s just ignorance and arrogance.

    • As far as I’m aware you can home birth in any circumstances. In the story there was a lady who did a free-birth which meant there wasn’t even a midwife present. But in most circumstances there is a registered midwife present and some midwives will do high risk home births….then there are some birthing consultants like the Indian the video story who has a horrific mortality record yet people still choose to birth with her….I can’t comprehend how someone would select to birth with someone who has such a documented and proven bad history to the point of loosing her midwifery registration

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