Home Birth versus Hospital Birth

So this video was aired tonight on a current affairs project
Video link to home birth v hospital birth story
While normally I wouldn’t make a posting as controversial as this as on the outset I would like to say I’m a very pro-choice individual and believe that people have the right to choose how they live their lives and raise their children…..but something about this story has ignited a fire in me where I feel like I need my opinion stated.

I believe that some of the statements in the story are true on both sides….firstly the pro home birth side that a woman has the right to choose her own birthing journey and again then on the pro hospital birth side that a child’s rights should also be considered. However things on the pro home birth side made my blood boil, particularly that the decision is purely the mothers choice as its her journey! What a complete load of cods wallop!!! A baby is made by two people and when those 2 people make a decision together to raise this child then the birthing decision should also be made by BOTH of those two people. Yes granted, a female is the one who endures the physical pain and torment of pregnancy and birth but they also get to experience the wonders that a male doesn’t get to experience like those early flutters in your tummy, those precious kicks and punches that come from within so my point is females don’t only experience the negative throughout it all. But back to my point about it being purely the females decision – what an utter load of crap….if a child has been created in love and in to be raised in the same loving environment of these 2 people then as far as I’m concerned all decisions should be equally made between both parties, why should the fathers opinion be discounted because he’s not doing the physical screaming and pushing because at the end of the day that precious baby would not exist without the fathers involvement.

Now back to the original question of home birth v hospital birth? My opinion is you do what is best for your child….that is the simple answer!

Evidence based research shows a higher risk of newborn mortality for those who opt for a home birth when having a high risk pregnancy, so should you have a high risk pregnancy; multiple births, placenta concerns, gestational diabetes, breech or posterior babies etc why would you risk something to go wrong for the mothers own personal preference? Wouldn’t the overall mothers personal preference to have a living baby instead of living with a lifetime of regret and remorse that if conventional birthing with complete medical guidance was chosen its highly likely that the outcomes would have been different.

As a mother I can honestly say that…
There is nothing more important to me than Lachlan.
There is nothing more important to me than protecting him from harm.
There is nothing more important to me than putting him and his needs before any of my own needs and preferences!
So given that this is the primary drive of a mother’s love I can not understand why the selfish choice is made to fulfil a personal gratification choice of having a home birth in a high risk pregnancy! I myself had to have an emergency c-section and had of I not been in the hospital surrounded by the medical and nursing team that I was under constant watch and had the aids of all modern technology of monitors etc I highly likely would have been a statistic myself and left hospital without the most precious gift I’ve ever received.

Don’t get me wrong – i acknowledge that woman have been having babies out of hospitals for centuries with babies that I have survived and some mothers does their research and believe that they are making the right decision and that is their right to do so

….but my personal opinion why why why would not uses the advances in modern medicine and modern technology to ensure that both yourself and most importantly your baby is delivered to the world as safely as possible. My life without Lachlan would be no life that I want to even imagine.


The Household Photographers Curse

So today I was doing a mass clean up on the almost 2000 photos I have I on my iPhone….and yes I do mean two thousand not two hundred. And three things became blatantly clear to me
1/ I have an obsession with taking photos of my gorgeous little man

2/ he looks like the same perfect little porcelain doll in ever sleeping photo but I still have soooo many of them

3/ and I am crazy jealous of Jamie! Because I’m the one who takes ALL (and I mean all) of the photos there are a huge number of cute as photos of Jamie and Lachlan bonding and playing together but not very many of Lachlan and I (unless they are selfies where half of either or both of our heads are cut off) so I’m jealous that there are so many special moments of my boys together but so few that include me too.

Oh well they are both better looking than me anyway so they make for better looking photos.

Here a few from the daddy and Lachlan collection……..




















My 2.30am Nightly Mini Adventure

I remember a time, realistically over 2 years ago when I would go to bed at whatever time and sleep through until my alarm went off without even barely moving….ahhhh what a fond fond memory that is!!!

These days, 2.30am (nearly like clockwork every morning) is wake up time being SOOOO busting for the loo I’m terrified I’m going to explode. Post-baby my bladder has never recovered despite doing all the pelvic floors and all that business, post-baby when you got to pee – you got to pee NOW!!

So at my 2.30am interlude, I do the mild frantic dash to the bathroom predominately in the dark an without my glasses to get there.
Along the way it’s like an unusual toddler obstacle course…..sliding along plastic plates on the floor like a skateboard without wheels, stubbing your toe of that bloody ‘vroom vroom’ car that continues to get under your feet, dodging the random pieces of toilet paper on the floor (as unravelling toilet paper is one of squirts current massive amusements) so they don’t get stuck on my feet and lastly walk about 47km around the gigantic pile of washing that is patiently waiting for me to find some spare time to do it! Hooray I finally make it to the loo in time – talk about relief!!


Made my way back to bed and hello middle of the night insomnia – my old ‘friend’ I appreciate that you visited me during pregnancy to prepare me for life with a newborn. However, body my darling little boy is now 18 months and sleeps 12-13 hours a night without a peep so I no longer need this middle of the night bout of insomnia.
So as I sit in bed pissed off that once again I’m wide awake.
Listening to the heavy breathing and farting of my other half.
Listening to the nursery rhymes coming through the baby monitor.
Sit on my iPhone and have all my outstanding turns on my addiction games, run out of lives of candy crush saga and yup still wide awake!
Check out my emails and my WordPress reader to see what the people I follow are up to and yup still wide awake!
Resorting myself to lay down and watch whatever crappy episode of Star Trek is on TV (despite the fact that I hate the show its the only channel we get in our bedroom) I will hopefully drop off to sleep anywhere between 30-60 minutes. If its a shitty night I will even see the end of Star Trek and see the start of Charmed (like tonight!)
On the occasional night I’m still awake at the end of charmed and resort to a cuppa tea and toast – let’s hope I’m not heading that way tonight as Charmed has just started!

Oh to remember life pre-baby when night time was for sleeping and not these little middle of the night adventures!

On the plus side it means I get to peak at my little one sleeping which always melts my heart and makes the exhaustion worth it!



“Shine On” Award

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I am so completely honoured to have been nominated for a blogging award called the a “Shine On” Award. I'm only really new to the world of blogging but I'm over the moon that I even have regular followers who genuinely seem interested in what I'm blogging about let alone being nominated for an award. Mummy Flying Solo thank you so much for my nomination I’m so completely shocked, honoured and humbled!

What a cool idea from the blogging community. There are rules of course and they are as follows:

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link person who nominated you for the award.
4. State seven things about yourself.

Note: If you nominate others to receive the award don’t forget to pop over to their site and let them know!

So I’ve done rules 1 to 3 so that just leaves me with rule 4: state seven things about myself. Since my blog is predominately about me as a mother I thought I would use this chance to state seven 7 things about Holly, me as my own person.

1. I’m the youngest of 3 children. My brother is sadly deceased (car accident when he was 19) and my sister is a police officer, married with my nephew and another bubba on the way later this year.

2. My mum is my hero! She has so much strength and integrity as a person and carries herself with so much dignity I can only hope that I’m half of a good role model for Lachlan.

3. I have in the past been diagnosed and treated for depression (which made me very high risk for post-natal buy managed to escape the risk rating).

4. Jamie and I met on the Internet, but because of the stigma attached to it we say we met at the pub where we met in person for the first time.

5. I love cooking and entertaining friends. Cooking is my stress outlet and love nothing more than having friends over to play host and shower them with the delicious goodies I have whipped up.

6. I am a bargain hunter, I find a lot of bargains and very rarely pay full price for anything! Over the years I have saved a lot of money with my bargain hunting ways and my slight eBay addiction. And yes they parcel postie and I are on first name basis lol

And finally one for the future

7. Jamie and I aren’t even engaged yet but if and when it does happen we have already made the decision together that when we do get married we will elope to a beach in QLD so it’s just about us and our love.

So there you have it, there are my 7 to conclude the rules. Once again thank you for my award nomination Mummy Flying Solo so very honoured!!


Parenting Sin!!

I always said that I was NEVER going to be one of those parents that dressed their kids up for their own pleasure. Wellllllll I have broken this rule multiple times as we have gone to friends weddings since Lachlan was born and I’ve made us a lame little matching family with our outfits….shame on me!!!

Shame on me once (April 2012 – Lachlan is 5 months old)

Shame on me twice (March 2013 – Lachlan is 15 months)

Shame on me three times (April 2013 – Lachlan is 16 months)
This photo is potentially one of my favourite photos ever of the squirt, no not a professional photo just me happy snapping with my iPhone so thought I’d share since it was taken at the wedding


So there you have it – there is my confession! I have committed a parenting sin that I NEVER thought I would commit, dressing my child for my own vanity and show and tell efforts!

Here is another confession for you, I would do it again in a heartbeat because I think we make one damn cute lame little matching family! My boys are my pride and joy, the loves of my life so I’m going to show them off as much as I can ❤


The toddler bed transition – a tired baby can sleep anywhere!

At just over 15 months old I went it to get squirt out of his cot after his nap and much to my complete shock and terror I found him half way out of his cot straddling the rail on the verge of either rolling back into his cot or the awful thought of him rolling completely out of his cot landing on the floor. My crazy little climber had managed to out do himself once again…. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to move as quickly as I do when I saw him on brink of landing on the floor sending us yet again to the hospital! My emotions were running on high, not sure I was emotionally ready for my baby to move into his big boy bed but I wasn’t really left with any other option.

That night was the last night in his cot and the transition to his big boy toddler bed was to start tomorrow.


I had previously received some invaluable advice from one of the ladies at baby bunting. She told me don’t use clean linen – transfer the dirty linen from the cot onto his toddler bed so that it had familiar ‘Lachlan’ smells and move the cot out of the way and put the toddler bed in the exact same location as where the cot was. She also said not to force the issue and keep putting him back into bed as this will over stimulate him, just continue with his normal routine of how I put him to bed and let him fall asleep anywhere (as he’s a self settler) and then move him into bed.

Alright, cot given the flick, toddler bed in that exact spot, taken all the linen off the cot and put onto the toddler bed and physically we were ready to go. Emotionally not so much…. My BABY is going to a big boy bed, I’m not ready to accept he’s not a baby anymore but at the end of the day I have no choice as for the squirts safety he can’t be in the cot anymore!

Day time nap…. Put him into bed, followed the same routine – put his music on, put him in his sleeping bag, tucked him in and gave him a kiss. Turned the light off as I told him I loved him shut the door and walked out….so apprehensive about what disaster this was going to be. Throughout the monitor I could tell within 15 minutes he was asleep so I went into his room to investigate, this is what I found


We had taken our blanket, wandered around in the dark and well just fell asleep where he was tired. I gently picked him up off the floor and put him in his bed where he was supposed to be.


2 hours later he woke up where he was supposed to be – still in bed! It was a miracle a partial success! So comes to bed time that night so I got brave, despite my concerns, and tried the bed again for his big overnight sleep. Followed the same normal bedtime routine and then waited for some mysterious noises to come through the monitor. Once again it was quiet within 10 minutes so time to investigate again.


Well we got closer to the bed this time at least. Once again I picked up Lachlan and returned him to his bed where he was supposed to be.


We did wake up a bit and have a look around…I’ve dubbed this look “the turtle” lol but he settled back down and once again to my surprise he slept for almost 13 hours without stirring thoughout the whole night and woke up the next morning happy in his little bed…HOORAY!! Second win 🙂

Day 2 –
Morning nap, within 15 minutes he was fast asleep IN HIS BED, what a miracle
Night sleep, within 10 minutes he was once again fast asleep IN HIS BED!! What a quick little learner I have!

To this day (3 months on he’s only fallen asleep one other time on the floor but the rest of the times he’s always fallen asleep in his bed)

It’s actually quiet hilarious listening to the process of him going to sleep, you can hear through the monitor him sneaking out of his bed in the dark and playing around with blocks and the cheeky little boy is so clever to put himself back to bed when he is tired…..sometimes he must misjudge it a little bit and he doesn’t quite make it there, but I still think its a pretty good effort (not to mention damn cute).


So all in all the transition is well complete and has been a huge success! I’m not sure if it is the tips I got from the lady at baby bunting that helped me or if the squirt was just ready within himself for his big boy bed. He’s so cute with his little bed, he just loves his snugly little bed, rolling around playing in it even putting himself to bed on occasion when tired A Super Tired Toddler

Regardless of which bed he is asleep in there is one thing without a doubt….and that’s simple as this!!
When he is asleep he is completion perfection and melts my heart beyond belief and I fall in love with him a little bit more!